Detox your Drama & Live your Purpose


Like it or not, we create the Drama in our lives and we have the power to detox it as well.

A blast from the past interview with Heidi Fogelsong on my Drama Detox-Stop Self Sabotage before it Stops you. Discussing living our purpose, clearing drama, being authentic and owing your crap.

We get what we feel we deserve. As much as it might be difficult to admit that we are settling for less. It’s our personal choice to decide to raise the bar of deserving more.

Enjoy this newsladies interview with Heidi.
Brightest Blessings,

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Where you need to be now is…

I am not where I want to be…. does that sound familiar?  Have you spoken those words?

The answer is you are where you need to be and in that lies a gift, whatever the conditions.
When you understand the message your current environment is offering you to grow, you will get to the next intersection of where you are trying to get to.

If you want a more abundant, different, better, healthier or a happier life, find ways to experience all those things in your current surroundings and it will shift you to the next destination of more, once you appreciate those things in your current situation.

What is right now trying to tell you?

Pain…. maybe pay attention to yourself and your needs?
Sadness… maybe pay attention to if you are living your purpose.  What makes you smile and what you are doing, do they match?
Anger… maybe ask who you need to forgive so you are no longer shackled to the past, to be free to live how you want?
Resentment… who do you resent for holding you back, and do you use it to continue to self-sabotage… could you give it to yourself instead?
Discontent… what makes you smile, is it part of your daily mantra?

These are just a few examples of discomfort that is waiting for you to acknowledge it so you can be free from it.

What do you need that you are not getting?  That is where you start giving it to yourself TODAY.

Brightest Blessings,



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Manifest Your Desires by Becoming Deserving


Manifest your desires by becoming deserving of what you want.  That sounds pretty simple, right?  Not as simple as you would think.  It’s often the things we desire most but are not achieving are blocking in some way.  This may be an old belief or mindset you don’t realize is making you feel less deserving.

Go ahead and tell your poor belief, “You are Wrong!”  Because it is if you have the desire in any way to achieve something you don’t currently have, you do deserve it.  Go get it.  Go for it.  You can do it by repeating daily…


Now what are you thinking? Ha, You are probably thinking… “YOU DESERVE IT.”  Repetition is the key.  Take action today and say it daily.  Let some time pass and you will believe it!

Brightest Blessings,


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Rewire your mind with a Word Cleanse


Rewire your mind with a word cleanse.  Become consciously aware of the words you use on a daily basis.  How you speak to yourself is how you speak to others.  Do you use the word “can’t?”  Do you use words like should, shouldn’t, wish, hope, won’t or didn’t or can’t?  Those words keep you locked in a holding pattern of your insecurities and poor belief patterns.

If you could design the life of your dreams, what would it look like and start speaking those words to yourself.  Then take action on those new words such as do, will, can and deserve.  Not deserving in the entitlement sense, but in the worthiness form.

Deserve means “to serve” something.  What will you serve yourself and others?  Serve as an example of actions that create a life of expansion.  How does that happen?  By using language that serves abundance in every form, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Decide today to serve yourself the best plate of words that will create forward motion toward the life of your dreams.

This all begins by becoming self-aware.  Aware of who you are and who you want to be.  If you want to be successful, using can’t and won’t will trip you up every time.  This is because those words will not create a vibration that matches the greater life you want.  Own the fact that you may have a habit of using language that is less than what you are working for.  If you can see it consciously, then each time it appears you can correct it.

If “I can’t” slips out of your mouth, say to yourself, “I take it back.”  Reset and say it in action form,
“what I can” do now is….”

This sets you on a new path of abundance.  If you had to create the life you want at this exact moment what can you do right now, even just the smallest thing.  Then go do it.  That may be just changing your language for 14 days and watch what begins to happen in your reality.

Start your word cleanse today.

Brightest Blessings,



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A New Life Requires a New Dance to a New Song

A new life requires a new dance to a new song.  If you’re dancing your journey to and old song, it will be difficult to change your life. You’re old way of living doesn’t support your new dance. Change the song (language) you dance to.  We often tell others of the life we desire but neglect to stop playing the old songs that keep us in a holding pattern.  If you want a new and improved life, you have to change the song.  You are not the person who you use to be.  So naturally you want to create songs (language) that matches a better life. It’s choice when you are faced with paradigm shift.

If you have any repeated themes in your life, it’s likely you are still dancing your journey to old patterns.  If you desire stronger healthier relationships, you will need to talk, walk, think and dance to a new tune.  This will require you to smash your old ipod list and create a new one that lifts you to a happier more deserving place.  Each person has come here to realize their worth.  It is different for each person in what area of life you struggle through.  If love is your challenge, then a new song is required to reset your vibration so you match the love you desire.

If money, health, career, etc… are your challenges, the same will be necessary in making a new play list on your ipod that encourages healthier experiences.

So consider what your journey is to learn and raise your worth.  Then select a new song and start dancing.  It may take a little time to master your new dance, but you will emerge a success in the end.  Once that new song matches the life you deserve you will find be grateful for changing your dance!

-Love Daune

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Do you have a Misery Habit?

Do you have a misery habit? Are you just use to being miserable? Do self sabotage your joy because you have bad habits you are more comfortable with?  Why would anyone choose misery over joy.  It’s not typically done because one would choose suffering over happiness, it’s more so because habitual activities, language and patterns get etched into our way of being and we forget we even do it at all.  So eventually when we get miserable enough and see there is another option such as happiness and joy, we want to choose that instead.  The challenge is staying with the new choice we are not use to.  If the state of joy and laughter are not in your a daily habits, it might be a little tricky to get the ‘Happy‘ to stick.

When you want to change a habit, it must be done repetitively and often for it to become habitual.  Then you begin to express that act subconsciously and with minimal effort.  So the question is… “Are you in the habit of misery, complaining, whining, and poor depressing uninspiring language?”  If so, it’s fixable and doable if you want to decide to make it a habit of living in laughter, joy, empowering and happiness, you have do it daily.

Learn to incorporate small daily nuggets of joyful activities daily until the joy overrides misery. Do some small thing daily and you will see it become a habit over time as well.  Start by saying one phrase over and over daily that brings you joy. I’ll let you use mine if it helps…

I say the words FUN & FEATHERS repeatedly to myself daily.

I say them out loud and in my head.  It reminds me to find laughter in every moment and to see the lighter side of everything.

Just decide to change one thing and then keep adding as you go to your happiness habits.  Then watch what unfolds in your life.  You will amaze yourself.

Start today!

Brightest Blessings,
Love, Daune

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Deciding what you do want creates EXPANSION

Deciding what you do want creates EXPANSION!  Don’t you want to see all areas of your life EXPANDED?  Of course you do, everyone wants to feel happy, joyful, and full of laughter and peace. These are natural states you have forgotten about. But if you are habitually use to talking about and accepting experiences you don’t like or want, you create a vacuum of more and live in small constricted experiences that are all the same but in different environments.

Most aren’t even aware of their internal dialogue that has been set to constricted fear based thinking and it’s set on repeat.  So when something becomes a habit, even un-empowering thoughts, it’s uncomfortable to break at first.

Stop talking about what you don’t want…pain, illness, divorce,  debt, broken relationships, the past, people who hurt you, or anything repetitively.  Because the universe will give you more. It creates constricted thinking and the inverse delivers more of those exact things. When you can’t seem to get off the hamster wheel and are working your tail off to create a better life but fall short every time, check your thoughts.  They most likely are not choosing what you really want.  Sadly, it’s that simple, yet we all resist making the declaration.

So, stop talking about what you don’t want and decide what you DO WANT! Talk about all the things you want, even if you don’t have them yet. I want financial abundance, physical health, loving children, peaceful mind, fun extracurricular activities, fit body, connected loving relationship I can thrive in, healthy thoughts that remind me i am connected to all universal infinite possibility, etc… keep going.


List what you want for the next 1 minute.  Speak as if they are coming to you in the mail. You expect them to arrive soon.

Constriction=Fear and Expansion=Love. So choose expanded thoughts Daily! Just decide what you want to expand and focus on that.
Brightest Blessings
Love Daune

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Heal Your Crap

Healing your crap always seems so daunting when it’s so much easier to judge others for their poor choices and mistakes instead, isnt it?

Why do we accuse others of their crap and insecurities and get irritated if it’s their stuff, let them deal with it, Right? We draw our mirror images vibrationally, so when we don’t deal with our crap, we attack others instead to avoid our own stuff.  When you meet someone, it’s really to meet yourself and see if you like what you see?  If you don’t appreciate what you see, consider them the messenger.  Showing you a vibration you need to address within so you can find contentedness and peace.

We are in a strong energy shift on the planet at this time forcing everyone to look at their shadows.  Each person has a choice to let it surface and address it so they can become more conscious and loving within.  Most everyone is feeling the shift, but its challenging not to to back to old habits and accuse others for our own choices and insecurities.

Addressing our own crap is much more scary and hard work.

When peace is more important to you than negativity and suffering, you will face your shadow without fear and realize you are more powerful than you realized. This happens by owning your crap. You loose the victim mentality and step up to a higher more powerful vibration.  It is similar to listening a radio station and expecting others to hear you on a different one. When you don’t vibe in the same space, it doesn’t bother you and you see them with compassion and love instead. Wishing them blessings and healing. So the Lesson is, heal you crap to get along with others better. YOU deserve to serve yourself joy, love and contentment.

Love Daune


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Do Your Words Match Your Actions?

Do Your Words Match Your Actions? Are you telling the world one thing and acting out another?

How often do you hear others complaining and whining about their lives?  They want a healthy relationship, or body, or career, or education, friends, children, clothes, activities, etc…  yet, it’s not as common to see them showing you the  actions needed to acquire those things.  I believe people truly have a desire for more, bigger and better, it’s the effort and attention needed to get it that presents the challenge.  You will not get the love of your life by simply talking about it.  You will not fall more in love with your spouse by simply telling them you love them more.  Or better yet asking them to love you better.

You will only attract what you physically put energy into.  Creating a vacuum for the universe to fill in the new space or openings in your life. So when you energetically become the thing you desire, it’s like a magnet attracting that same person to you as a vibrational match. By stating your desire for the ultimate love of your life, you should be ready and willing to do the work necessary to match that love you state you desire.  Because if you don’t you will simply attract who you are right in this exact moment even if they are just a sliver of a match to your weakest part of yourself.  Do the work.  Do what it takes to make your words match your actions.

Write down a list of what you want? Be clear and then make a list of all your actions in a day. Then circle the actions and words that match or do you have miss-matching lists.
Your actions are what make your words real.
Go for it and start one small action daily to manifest your dreams.
Brightest Blessings,

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