Do you have a Misery Habit?

Do you have a misery habit? Are you just use to being miserable? Do self sabotage your joy because you have bad habits you are more comfortable with?  Why would anyone choose misery over joy.  It’s not typically done because one would choose suffering over happiness, it’s more so because habitual activities, language and patterns get etched into our way of being and we forget we even do it at all.  So eventually when we get miserable enough and see there is another option such as happiness and joy, we want to choose that instead.  The challenge is staying with the new choice we are not use to.  If the state of joy and laughter are not in your a daily habits, it might be a little tricky to get the ‘Happy‘ to stick.

When you want to change a habit, it must be done repetitively and often for it to become habitual.  Then you begin to express that act subconsciously and with minimal effort.  So the question is… “Are you in the habit of misery, complaining, whining, and poor depressing uninspiring language?”  If so, it’s fixable and doable if you want to decide to make it a habit of living in laughter, joy, empowering and happiness, you have do it daily.

Learn to incorporate small daily nuggets of joyful activities daily until the joy overrides misery. Do some small thing daily and you will see it become a habit over time as well.  Start by saying one phrase over and over daily that brings you joy. I’ll let you use mine if it helps…

I say the words FUN & FEATHERS repeatedly to myself daily.

I say them out loud and in my head.  It reminds me to find laughter in every moment and to see the lighter side of everything.

Just decide to change one thing and then keep adding as you go to your happiness habits.  Then watch what unfolds in your life.  You will amaze yourself.

Start today!

Brightest Blessings,
Love, Daune

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