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Soul Signature Astrology

Astrology is the oldest Science known in our history, even before Mesopotamia.  Astrology is based in Sacred Geometric Light Codes which are tattooed on your soul to “guide” you with a user’s manual throughout your life.  Our Natal Chart never changes, as it is set in motion by our moment of birth.  Astrology doesn’t tell us who we are or who to be, it shows us who we can be if we choose to step into it.  Its primary language is telling us who we can be both individually and socially.  Through Souls Signature Sessions, we can access growing and infinite healing, transformation and understanding of ourselves as Creators.

The 12 signs and houses (topics) of Astrology were designed by Source Consciousness who Created the Original 12 fractals of energy frequencies that are replicated in your DNA. Energy DNA that each soul caries as it incarnates on earth. Unfortunately, in the simplest form of evolution, if benevolent beings came and wiped out challenges and gave us the codes to become immortal, we wouldn’t have grown and evolved to today. So, all of our wisdom and knowledge was hidden from us.  The languages of Astrology became the link to our past, and therefore our authentic origin.

For me, the chart is simply a map of your own energy languages, simply like speaking French or Spanish, instead of English. The chart speaks energy boulders and blessings. Your chart is a geometric pattern of your soul.  The idea is to create a deep awareness and conscious connection to your truth.  We are breaking free from the past, and with that, we need new information.  Astrology can show you how to expand on every level, giving each person what they need.

Soul Signature Astrology is not like other forms of interpretation.  Some Astrologers believe the Natal Chart is set in stone and never changes.  I don’t, because it’s untrue. You can change your stars by understanding where to invest and expand your frequencies. I focus on the karma you left and the karma waiting for completion. If you can be open minded and allow your perspective to be based on the truth being revealed, you can become empowered from within and expand your reality in any and every way.

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