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Is YOUR love life LACKING?
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Do YOU want to know your PURPOSE?
Do YOU want to live the life you DESERVE?

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Your Reality is a reflection of your Relationships

About me

Daune Thompson tells others what she does for a living is a “Demolition specialist”.  She empowers her clients by revealing the boulders blocking them from living the life they deserve. She has a passion to inspire and on a mission to raise the self-worth of the planet.

Not many things in life are free.  I want you to have a week of love from me personally.


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People are talking!

I am so thankful for you and your guidance. You have guided me to see what I knew was there, but didn’t have words for. You have helped me shape my own reality and given me permission to form my own reality. You don’t do it for me but you empower me to do it for myself! I am so grateful for you and love you so much Daune! You’re amazing

Jess M.Analyst-DOJ

You make a difference to people everyday helping get them to a higher purpose and believing in them when they are at their lowest point….many people would kick a person down on the ground…instead you kick them in the butt to get moving in a positive direction!!!

Andrew RChicago

What I’ve learned from working with Daune has armed me for SUCCESS in my life. I feel the impact not only personally but also professionally. I use her tools daily and they have helped me become more confident, happy, driven, goal-oriented and successful. She is brilliant and inspires me every day!!!

Nicole Alaimo KarlCRNA, MS

I contacted Daune to transcend my beliefs around having all that life offers.  Her IDI program liberated my thoughts and way of thinking.  I feel like I can accomplish anything I imagine.  As well as feel it, I am doing it!  Daune’s professional, inspiring way of coaching me to very high levels was a game changer.


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