Heal Your Crap

Healing your crap always seems so daunting when it’s so much easier to judge others for their poor choices and mistakes instead, isnt it?

Why do we accuse others of their crap and insecurities and get irritated if it’s their stuff, let them deal with it, Right? We draw our mirror images vibrationally, so when we don’t deal with our crap, we attack others instead to avoid our own stuff.  When you meet someone, it’s really to meet yourself and see if you like what you see?  If you don’t appreciate what you see, consider them the messenger.  Showing you a vibration you need to address within so you can find contentedness and peace.

We are in a strong energy shift on the planet at this time forcing everyone to look at their shadows.  Each person has a choice to let it surface and address it so they can become more conscious and loving within.  Most everyone is feeling the shift, but its challenging not to to back to old habits and accuse others for our own choices and insecurities.

Addressing our own crap is much more scary and hard work.

When peace is more important to you than negativity and suffering, you will face your shadow without fear and realize you are more powerful than you realized. This happens by owning your crap. You loose the victim mentality and step up to a higher more powerful vibration.  It is similar to listening a radio station and expecting others to hear you on a different one. When you don’t vibe in the same space, it doesn’t bother you and you see them with compassion and love instead. Wishing them blessings and healing. So the Lesson is, heal you crap to get along with others better. YOU deserve to serve yourself joy, love and contentment.

Love Daune



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