Sage Stories

Daune was fantastic for our company! In a day and a half we grew together more than the previous year!
Thank you Daune! ~ S&S Homes

I am so thankful for you and your guidance. You have guided me to see what I knew was there, but didn’t have words for. You have helped me shape my own reality and given me permission to form my own reality. You don’t do it for me but you empower me to do it for myself! I am so grateful for you and love you so much Daune! You’re amazing

You make a difference to people everyday get them to a higher purpose and believing in them when they are at their lowest point….many people would kick a person down on the ground…instead you kick them in the butt to get moving in a positive direction!!!

You are the story in the bible.   Why give a person a piece of fish to eat becus they are hungry???  When you can teach them to fish and feed themselves!!!! Now they are empowered and have self-confidence and reliance!  You make people their own masters.  Most people take – you give!

What I’ve learned from working with Daune has armed me for SUCCESS in my life. I feel the impact not only personally but also professionally. I use her tools daily and they have helped me become more confident, happy, driven, goal-oriented and successful. She is brilliant and inspires me every day!!!

What Daune is doing with i.d.i and transcending my feelings of having all that life offers is wonderful. Now I am on track to really liberating my thoughts and way of thinking. I suddenly feel like I can tackle anything in my way and truly can accomplish anything I imagine. As well as feel it, I am also starting to do it! Daune has a professional, inspiring way of coaching me to very high levels never traveled by me before. I enjoy and look forward to time learning from her and also conquering tasks in which together we decide will help me on my way to reaching my goals. Havine a professional or “life” coach is not an option for me, but a complete necessity. As I steer myself on the racetrack called career and personal struggles, she has become the voice of reason and inspiration that keeps me on course and sometimes is simply the person we all need to be honest with and tell it like it is… excuses! I do deserve all of my dreams and goals and sometimes we need someone like Daune and her simple, self-teaching steps of goal setting and affirmations to help get there!!

Thank you so VERY much for speaking with our group. Our ladies really appreciated and LOVED the evening! The surveys gave you very high remarks. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and how it impacts our lives. Thank you so very much!!!

Our Realtors truly enjoyed Daune’s presentation and left with a new sense of direction.  Given the challenging real estate market, moral has been a challenge to keep positive.  She gave them a new visual perspective of how to look not only at their careers but their lives in general.  We look forward to doing more in the future.

Daune’s monthly Self Mastery Course is truly a treasure. I look forward to each new topic as well as bringing others to the class so I can communicate with like minded people. I get inspired every time I attend and share the info. with my kids all the time. Daune really knows how to take a challenging topic and make it simple to apply in life. Thank You for all your support Daune.

Your ”If You Could..Would You” Seminar was AWESOME!!! I Deserve IT and now I can remove the self sabotaging blocks. I feel so free to do what I want now. Thank you Daune! You have brought about major shifts in my way of thinking. Thanks to your personal coaching I can honestly say that by allowing life to flow without resistance, it truly becomes perfect in every way and happiness abounds.

Daune is one of those rare people that once you have been associated with her you are a better person. The outlook she brings to life, love, and the human journey in general is refreshing and invigorating. For someone who has never ‘consulted’ with a professional before; it would be a disservice for me not to encourage anyone I know to get in touch with her.

I have worked with Daune for years and cannot begin to put into words how much she has done for me. She is always there, listening with a compassionate ear, and an open heart, but always responding with direct clarity, and an enlightening perspective for me to see i always have what i need within, she just opens my closed box so i can access my own inner wisdom. Thank you!!!!

Daune helped to realize the most important relationship I have, is the one I have with myself. Affirmations plus actions make miracles…

Daune has been an incredible source of support and strength this past year. Going through a divorce and becoming a single parent were life changes I was not prepared for. I was experiencing feelings of hopelessness, despair, fear and sadness. I had a very low self esteem and Daune in her very caring and empathetic way helped me navigate through this difficult time in my life. She has given me very specific tools to help me get back on my feet and feel good about myself. She was very insightful when it came to parenting challenges I was facing and helped me to regain my self respect as a mother to my children. She has also given me ways to thoughtfully meditate and manifest my dreams. She continues to check in with me by e-mail and offer advice.

I met Daune about a year ago. I was changing careers becoming involved in something completely new, I was in a relationship that was ending, I wasn’t making any money, I was out in the big dry desert all by myself and I felt lost. Over the course of a year Daune helped me see the incredible woman that I am, not the failure that I thought I was. She has helped me heal the wounds that were so deeply rooted in my soul. I released a lot of my fears, a lot of my resentment and most of my hurt something I never would have been able to do by myself. Now I see myself as a risk taker, an avid learner, a seeker of knowledge and a sucess. I have not been able to see that about myself until now. I now know that my possibilities are endless and I believe it. Daune has helped me grow in ways I would have never been able to reach on my own. She is my “Earth Angel” complete with wings and a halo!

Daune has an innate ability to bring self awareness and personal growth to each client through her multi-level use of universal tools and intuitive gifts.