A New Life Requires a New Dance to a New Song

A new life requires a new dance to a new song.  If you’re dancing your journey to and old song, it will be difficult to change your life. You’re old way of living doesn’t support your new dance. Change the song (language) you dance to.  We often tell others of the life we desire but neglect to stop playing the old songs that keep us in a holding pattern.  If you want a new and improved life, you have to change the song.  You are not the person who you use to be.  So naturally you want to create songs (language) that matches a better life. It’s choice when you are faced with paradigm shift.

If you have any repeated themes in your life, it’s likely you are still dancing your journey to old patterns.  If you desire stronger healthier relationships, you will need to talk, walk, think and dance to a new tune.  This will require you to smash your old ipod list and create a new one that lifts you to a happier more deserving place.  Each person has come here to realize their worth.  It is different for each person in what area of life you struggle through.  If love is your challenge, then a new song is required to reset your vibration so you match the love you desire.

If money, health, career, etc… are your challenges, the same will be necessary in making a new play list on your ipod that encourages healthier experiences.

So consider what your journey is to learn and raise your worth.  Then select a new song and start dancing.  It may take a little time to master your new dance, but you will emerge a success in the end.  Once that new song matches the life you deserve you will find be grateful for changing your dance!

-Love Daune

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