Deciding what you do want creates EXPANSION

Deciding what you do want creates EXPANSION!  Don’t you want to see all areas of your life EXPANDED?  Of course you do, everyone wants to feel happy, joyful, and full of laughter and peace. These are natural states you have forgotten about. But if you are habitually use to talking about and accepting experiences you don’t like or want, you create a vacuum of more and live in small constricted experiences that are all the same but in different environments.

Most aren’t even aware of their internal dialogue that has been set to constricted fear based thinking and it’s set on repeat.  So when something becomes a habit, even un-empowering thoughts, it’s uncomfortable to break at first.

Stop talking about what you don’t want…pain, illness, divorce,  debt, broken relationships, the past, people who hurt you, or anything repetitively.  Because the universe will give you more. It creates constricted thinking and the inverse delivers more of those exact things. When you can’t seem to get off the hamster wheel and are working your tail off to create a better life but fall short every time, check your thoughts.  They most likely are not choosing what you really want.  Sadly, it’s that simple, yet we all resist making the declaration.

So, stop talking about what you don’t want and decide what you DO WANT! Talk about all the things you want, even if you don’t have them yet. I want financial abundance, physical health, loving children, peaceful mind, fun extracurricular activities, fit body, connected loving relationship I can thrive in, healthy thoughts that remind me i am connected to all universal infinite possibility, etc… keep going.


List what you want for the next 1 minute.  Speak as if they are coming to you in the mail. You expect them to arrive soon.

Constriction=Fear and Expansion=Love. So choose expanded thoughts Daily! Just decide what you want to expand and focus on that.
Brightest Blessings
Love Daune

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Be Kind

Be Kind


Can you BE KIND? What happens when you share a kind gesture or good deed with another who doesn’t reciprocate minimally with  a simple thank you?  How do you interpret their response?  If you take it personal, it may be time to rethink your intention of your shared kindness.  What is the purpose of being kind for you?  If it’s given with strings attached, then its not a gift and more of an IOU.  Can you give your kindness freely without even receiving a response from another.  As if it was simply anonymous.

When others do things you don’t like, let them and let it go.  There is no need to force them to be like you.  No one is like you, you are unique and special.  There is only one you.  Let them have their journey just as you want to have yours.  Everyone is destined to have challenges, hurdles and triumphs and successes as well.

Be kind to others even if you don’t get credit for it.  Be kind because the universe is a boomerang and while you may not receive the kindness back at the time you gave it, it will come back to you.  However, it will be a challenge if you are blocked by anger and resentment which are fear based energy blocks.  Therefore blocking you from receiving a kindness that is coming to you when you least expect it.

Try today, BE KIND to everyone and expect nothing in return.  Even if they are not kind, Be Kind. Even if they are undeserving, Be Kind.  Even if they are your lease favorite person, send them love from your heart, Be Kind.  When someone is belittling you, Be Kind.  People need love most, when they deserve it the least.

When you treat others without expectation of reciprocation.  Amazing things will begin to appear.  Love.

Brightest Blessings,



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Ask for Love

Ask for what you need, ask for love.