Zodiac Wheel is Your Medicine Wheel


Wouldn’t Life Be Easier if you had your own personal Blueprint for directions?

Wish you had a map to guide your life?
You do!

The simple solution is your soul knows where you need to heal and you brought a map to help with your natal chart.

It holds slivers on it needing completion and when you complete those slivers where you are weak, they become the medicine you need to grow confidence, financial success, emotional abundance, love, children communication, health, spiritual awakening, joy and love.

But because you have been told for a very long time if you don’t follow the external status quo and do what it tells you, you are powerless and you will not be OK. Its simply amnesia to look at who you really are your personal truth .

 Your Personal Astrology Chart will highlight
4 Hot Messy Challenges in your life.

What areas of your life are asking for your attention?
Want to overcome & conquer challenges in your chosen blueprint?

Receive Guidance From a Renowned Self Worth Sage


With Daune Thompson


3 Hour Live Event

June 9th
6-9 mst (Arizona)

Join Daune for 3 Hours to answer the questions of your purpose and truth.

Master a range of tools to read the energy within and around you, so you can truly thrive — tools including astrology, planetary basics, empowerment.

Find out why you struggle to overcome obstacles and how to reinvent yourself into the life you deserve with Daunes’ tools.

Life is full of challenges, overcoming yours shouldn’t be one of them.

In order to have effective communication with others, you must first understand yourself.

During this course with Daune, you’ll discover how to…

Understand Self Sabotaging Behaviors
Reveal Your Karma Contracts
Refresh Your Reality
Becoming Conscious

You’ll connect with Daune and experience her teachings through live streaming video. This connection will be easy to use and will enhance Daune’s teachings. Daune makes it happen in your own home, office, back yard, conference room.

Daune helps you raise your consciousness confidence
in a way that is easy to integrate into your life.

Live Sessions Start:

June 9th
6-9 mst (Arizona)

This course will feature LIVE teachings and interactive training sessions with Daune. Each session will build upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete understanding of the practices and tools you’ll need to experience spiritual transformation.

With your Hot Spots, you’ll discover…

  • Purpose

  • Emotional Hi‘s and Low’s

  • Growth

  • Healing Relationship Wounds

Everyone comes in with Challenging Boulders in our path.  These are referred to as HOT Spots.  Once you become aware of them, gives you the ability to see how to take your power back.

Learning what your personal boulders are can free you from wondering if something is wrong with you.  The answer is NOTHING is wrong with you!

You simply have lessons you came here to master in this lifetime.  Examine your boulders on your path so you can conquer them.  The more you know about what you need to override in your life, the more power you have to watch your life EXPAND!

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I’ve Seen a Big Shift in my Self Awareness

I contacted Daune to transcend my beliefs around having all that life offers. Her systems liberated my thoughts and way of thinking. I feel like I can accomplish anything I can imagine.

I Love Starting My Day With the idi Daily Dose

Wow… I’ve done your expansion work and it is so amazing. I’m living my purpose and feel so present now.  I’m more powerful with my thoughts. Your tools really work from the inspiring daily text to your coaching sessions, Thank you.