Where you need to be now is…

I am not where I want to be…. does that sound familiar?  Have you spoken those words?

The answer is you are where you need to be and in that lies a gift, whatever the conditions.
When you understand the message your current environment is offering you to grow, you will get to the next intersection of where you are trying to get to.

If you want a more abundant, different, better, healthier or a happier life, find ways to experience all those things in your current surroundings and it will shift you to the next destination of more, once you appreciate those things in your current situation.

What is right now trying to tell you?

Pain…. maybe pay attention to yourself and your needs?
Sadness… maybe pay attention to if you are living your purpose.  What makes you smile and what you are doing, do they match?
Anger… maybe ask who you need to forgive so you are no longer shackled to the past, to be free to live how you want?
Resentment… who do you resent for holding you back, and do you use it to continue to self-sabotage… could you give it to yourself instead?
Discontent… what makes you smile, is it part of your daily mantra?

These are just a few examples of discomfort that is waiting for you to acknowledge it so you can be free from it.

What do you need that you are not getting?  That is where you start giving it to yourself TODAY.

Brightest Blessings,



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Rewire your mind with a Word Cleanse


Rewire your mind with a word cleanse.  Become consciously aware of the words you use on a daily basis.  How you speak to yourself is how you speak to others.  Do you use the word “can’t?”  Do you use words like should, shouldn’t, wish, hope, won’t or didn’t or can’t?  Those words keep you locked in a holding pattern of your insecurities and poor belief patterns.

If you could design the life of your dreams, what would it look like and start speaking those words to yourself.  Then take action on those new words such as do, will, can and deserve.  Not deserving in the entitlement sense, but in the worthiness form.

Deserve means “to serve” something.  What will you serve yourself and others?  Serve as an example of actions that create a life of expansion.  How does that happen?  By using language that serves abundance in every form, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Decide today to serve yourself the best plate of words that will create forward motion toward the life of your dreams.

This all begins by becoming self-aware.  Aware of who you are and who you want to be.  If you want to be successful, using can’t and won’t will trip you up every time.  This is because those words will not create a vibration that matches the greater life you want.  Own the fact that you may have a habit of using language that is less than what you are working for.  If you can see it consciously, then each time it appears you can correct it.

If “I can’t” slips out of your mouth, say to yourself, “I take it back.”  Reset and say it in action form,
“what I can” do now is….”

This sets you on a new path of abundance.  If you had to create the life you want at this exact moment what can you do right now, even just the smallest thing.  Then go do it.  That may be just changing your language for 14 days and watch what begins to happen in your reality.

Start your word cleanse today.

Brightest Blessings,



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