Relationship Tool Box

12 Simple Tools to
Reinvent Your Relationships.

Have you ever wanted Healthier Love?

Have you ever wanted more Intimacy

Have you wished for a relationship tool box?

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If you are ready to empower your relationships and your romantic life with the most innovative and effective program in the industry, brought to you by one of the most experienced relationship coaches in the field, Daune Thompson – you are at the right place.

The Relationship Toolbox will provide you with everything you need to enjoy amazing relationships! Daune practices what she preaches and has worked with hundreds of people to create the relationships they desire.

Building a house is no different than building a relationship,
it requires the proper tools. These tools support your relationships by encouraging truth.

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Our 12 digital tools will guide you through steps that have been proven to improve your connections.

Use each activity to spark conversation and improve your relationship, one step at a time.

This is not limited to Couples.
Singles Learn how to Attract your Life Partner.

During this revolutionary journey with Daune, you’ll learn how to

  • Learn how NOT to accept less personally, professionally & physically.

  • Staying hungry triggers action in relationships.

  • Own your CRAP limiting you from connecting with others.

  • How to let go of your parents influence on your relationships.

  • Change your mindset from conflicting conversations to TRUTH Talk.

  • MARRIAGE is not dead, but the white picket fence is.

Revive Your Relationships in hours,
within the comfort of your own home with the Relationship Tool Box.

Learn 1 tool a day for 12 days or
go at your own speed and learn as you need them.

This is not limited to Couples.
Singles Learn how to Attract your Life Partner.

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What if you had a place to work on your relationships, your future — your life?

What if you had a NO BS discussion on what needs to be in your tool box to live an EXPANDED Life.

You Can, with simple but powerful tools to master all relationships in your life.

I want to show you how to make it happen here.
Love, Daune