Personal Coaching

Not everyone needs therapy, but everyone can benefit from a coach.  Just as in sports, where the world’s best athletes have coaches. We focus on where you are now and identify empowering techniques to reach your personal and professional goals.

Leadership is doing what is right when no one
is watching. – George Van Valkenburg


What does it include?

How it works...

90 DAYS, all in,
You and me. 1:1 baby.
Full Website Access
Telephone, skype or In Person
Unlimited email/text support
FOR WINNERS who want more & are willing to go get it.

The list...

Bi-Weekly Private Calls with Daune
Email/Text support
Daily Text Message
Balls-Building Balanced Relationships Digital Book
Dream Designer
idi Mobil App

Living the dream…

Purpose, Power & Presence—Welcome to Daune Thompson’s
I Deserve It Coaching.

I am blessed to live my purpose inspiring and coaching people to live the life they deserve.  But like everyone, I have moments where I question my purpose. THEN…. each client reminds me…. Why I do what I do – I Raise the Self-Worth of the Planet!

Get on your path……. if you are on the wrong path, it is never too late to find the right path for you. You want clarity! I will give you immediate clarity on living the life you deserve!

I have designed 6 simple steps to stop SELF SABOTAGE.

I will show you how to build your confidence so you can forge better relationships, excel in your career, and pursue your bold ideas. Are you ready to bring your confidence to the next level? Is it time to create a blueprint that makes you better? Self-mastery makes your life a masterpiece!

Would you like to take your life from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY?

Would you like to win at your Career, Love, Health, Achievement or Joy?
Daune will raise your standards and inspire you to stand in your Powerful Purpose.
Experience this idi Daily Dose from Daune to begin winning at your own internal game.