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Universal TRUTH Tribe!

Are You In A Healthy Relationship With Yourself? Are you a walking Zombie or Awake? The Universal Truth Tribe, where confidence meets consciousness. Every Monday Daune shares how to simplify your world with your TRUTH. When you are living your TRUTH. Everything gets easier! Daune helps raise self awareness in a way  that is easy to integrate into your life.

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Relationship Tool Box!

Have you wished for a relationship tool box? Building a house is no different than building a relationship, it requires the proper tools and planning. How do the Bad Ass Power couples become that way? It turns out they have a completely different MINDSET, daily plan, communicate differently and commit self-development.  Learn all the strategies in this powerful tool box.

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I Deserve It Academy!

This course, originally my 6 Step system that I teach every private client one on one, is now an inspirational video course to reset and renew every area of your life. You’ll learn how to let go of fear and pain and find true happiness and fulfillment. You’ll also learn to re-ignite your ambitions and achieve your purpose  faster after learning the idi system!

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TRUTH & Transformation Coaching

Most people lack the communication skills required to connect with others, understand them, or  resolve conflict. This is a masterclass from a relationship coach Daune Thompson, who has been teaching for 25 years. You’ll learn everything you need to enhance confidence all areas of your life! Receive a $75/mo OFF Coupon lowering regularly $275/mo rate.  Discount Code emailed separately for 3 month Truth Talk Coaching with Daune Live.

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